What's new in Sporty's 2022 courses

One of the best investments you can make as a student pilot (or a rusty pilot) is a good home study course. While your flight lessons will form the core of your training, there’s a lot of work to be done in between trips to the airport. Sure, you’ll need something to help you prepare for the FAA knowledge test, but the benefits of a course go far beyond that. It will also help you save a significant amount of time and money by preparing for each lesson at home. Most importantly, you’ll be a safer, more well-rounded pilot after you earn your certificate.

Sporty’s courses have helped over 100,000 pilots learn to fly, and are famous for their relentless pace of innovation. Every year, we add new content, new training tools, and technological enhancements. This year is no exception, with a host of upgrades that make training more engaging and more efficient. Here’s a look at some highlights.

New TV apps

The best place to watch immersive 4K video is on your big screen TV, where you can really feel like you’re in the airplane during every segment. For 2022 we’re introducing an all-new Apple TV app with review quizzes, a new Amazon Fire TV app, a new Android TV app, plus Chromecast and Roku support. Now you can watch Sporty’s course—and keep your progress in sync—no matter where you are.

Smart TV apps - Sporty's Pilot Training


Audio training

If you can’t be relaxing in front of your TV, another convenient option is to listen to the audio for each segment. This is perfect for your morning walk or while you work out—even in the car. Intuitive app layout makes it easy to switch between video and audio with one touch.

Audio training - Sporty's courses


PowerStudy test prep

Nobody has better test prep tools than Sporty’s, from our proprietary database of FAA test questions to our customizable study modes. Now you can take advantage of every feature online, in the iOS app, or in the Android app. This includes advanced study modes that tailor the session to your learning progress, complete learning history that highlights weak areas, and the ability to create custom quizzes based on past sessions. And of course we’ll give you the flight instructor endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test when you’re done.

PowerStudy test prep


Flight instructor portal

Get more out of your flight training by including your CFI in your at-home training course. It’s easy to share your progress in the course and complete a pre-solo test that’s sent to your instructor. Your CFI can review the segments you’ve completed and track study session performance. Plus, we’ll keep a record of training to document your preparation.

CFI portal - Sporty's courses 2022


Integrates with AOPA’s syllabus tool

The AOPA Flight Training Advantage is a web portal- and iPad-based training application that will help make the process of flight training more effective for the student, the CFI and the flight school. Now you can connect your training progress in AFTA and Sporty’s course for a seamless training experience, inside and outside the airplane.

AFTA Sporty's integration


New video segments

Always the heart of the course, Sporty’s video segments are updated and expanded for 2022. New videos cover the latest changes to airspace, tips for flight planning with Garmin avionics, new ForeFlight weather tools, and more. The focus is on in-flight video and sophisticated animations, so you go beyond memorizing to really understand important aviation concepts. 

2022 courses video still


Customized online dashboard

Our updated online training platform makes it easier than ever to stay organized and avoid training gaps. Create your own profile to manage your progress, get tips for better test performance, and view links to helpful resources. It’s the hub of your home training, continuously updated with new information to help you excel.



Lifetime updates

Never worry about out-of-date materials or missing features with Sporty’s free lifetime updates. Simply buy the course once and you own it forever—no subscriptions and no upgrade fees required. Every time you log in to the online training portal or open up the Pilot Training app, you’ll have access to the latest video segments, test question updates, and training features. It’s an incredible value: for the price of one flight lesson, you’ll save thousands of dollars over your flying career.


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Detailed update history

Want to see all the changes and additions for Sporty's 2022 Pilot Training Courses? Read on.

Smart TV

  • Upgraded Apple TV app with free course previews and redesigned home screen
  • Added review quizzes to Apple TV app for Learn to Fly, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Review, Aviation Weather, Multiengine, and more
  • New Apple TV dark mode 
  • All-new Android TV app
  • All-new Amazon Fire TV app
  • Improved sign-in experience in all apps

iOS app

  • New audio training feature: Learn to Fly, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Multiengine, Basic Aerobatics
  • Text transcripts for each video segment: Private, Sport, Recreational, Instrument Rating, Multiengine, Basic Aerobatics
  • Added the entire Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement (figures book) for Private, Commercial, and Instrument Rating
  • Updated documents: Airplane Flying Handbook, Aeronautical Chart Users Guide, Aeronautical Information Manual
  • Updated Training Course Outlines for Private and Commercial courses, reflecting the latest FAA guidance
  • New home screen design to help organize and sort over 20 courses
  • Updated test prep question and answer databases: Private, Sport, Instrument, Commercial, Remote Pilot
  • Updated Learn to Fly Course video: airspace, NOTAMs, self-serve fuel
  • Significantly updated Commercial Pilot Course: 13 hours of in-depth video training, including 360/VR flight maneuvers
  • Updated Airspace Course: all-new 4K video covering each class of airspace, plus tips for using ForeFlight and Garmin GPs for navigating airspace
  • Updated Flight Review Course: 13 new video segments, shot in 4K
  • Updated Flying with ForeFlight Course: multiple video updates to cover the latest features in the app
  • New Garmin TXi Essentials 2.0 eLearning Course
  • New Basic Aerobatics Course with Patty Wagstaff
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements: video progress syncing, test prep stability and speed, 360-degree video player

Android app

  • Audio playback of course segments, with persistent notification
  • All new study session flow with additional study modes including question search, marked, random, incorrect, categories.
  • Smart Study custom algorithm
  • Create new study session from existing sessions
  • Flashcard mode for study sessions
  • Improved study history
  • Subtitles now available for Learn to Fly, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot
  • Text transcripts for each video segment: Private, Sport, Recreational, Instrument Rating, Multiengine, Basic Aerobatics
  • In-app purchases for Learn to Fly, Instrument, Commercial courses
  • New home screen with My Courses view, filter/sort options
  • New courses: Basic Aerobatics, Multiengine, Commercial Pilot
  • Added 360/VR support for videos in Aerobatics and Commercial courses
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements: smoother video playback and more reliable video player


  • New CFI portal with student tracking, progress sharing, course previews
  • New dashboard with progress tracking and tips for better study sessions
  • New video player with 360/VR support and faster performance
  • Flight Sim Guide - free course available online
  • Related Content tab with links to additional resources, available on select video segments
  • Document enhancements, including bookmarks and annotations
  • Improved responsive design for mobile devices

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