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4 Reasons the Nflightcam Suction Cup Makes a Great Camera Mount

There’s only one way to properly test a product: you have to fly with it and use it for yourself. This is my favorite excuse to go flying during a work day. In any case, at Sporty’s, we are sure to test all the products we fly with. For this flight, we used Nflightcam’s new suction cup mount, the Vacuum Suction Cup. I have to say that I was very well pleased with the results of the mount. Here’s what I liked best about it.

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David Clark ONE-X Flight Test

David Clark recently introduced the ONE-X headset. At $895, it is the most expensive headset that the green dome company has ever released. We’ve been getting lots of inquiries from pilots wanting to know if this is the next big thing. So we took it up for a test flight. I know, tough gig, right?


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Garmin Aera 660 - first look

Garmin recently unveiled the aera 660, their first new aviation GPS in five years. It features a host of upgrades over the aera 500 series (which it replaces) including an all-new touchscreen, synthetic vision and complete digital charts. Here's a look at some of the best new features, including some less talked-about features that we found pleasantly surprising.


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What's the range of portable aviation radios?

A portable aviation radio is essential equipment for any pilot. It's an easy way to get a clearance before starting the engine, and a valuable way to learn communications without burning any avgas. While these ground-based uses are nice, though, the real value of a radio is found in the cockpit. If the worst should happen and your panel goes dark, a good NAV/COM in your hand can save the day. It can help you navigate to an airport, call ATC for help and maybe even help you shoot an instrument approach.

But how good is a portable radio in an emergency? Do they really work beyond a few miles? We went flying to answer this question, and the results were pleasantly surprising.

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Enhanced Bose A20 Headset

The new features that matter

Bose announced improved features to the popular A20 headset in the summer of 2015. The new enhancements take advantage of some new technology and give pilots more options for customizations. Here's the executive summary.

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